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Hello and Welcome
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Here you will find details of - 'DAGNALL' -
one of my 4 mm scale exhibition layouts.

I have been interested in Model Railways since I was 5 years old when I was given a Hornby '0' gauge clockwork trainset for Christmas. The set was expanded over the years by the addition of Christmas and Birthday presents until I was 12.   About that time my Hornby '0' gauge collection filled two large tea chests and my Mother sold it to the milkman for the princely sum of 5. (I often wonder what it would be worth today?)

With the proceeds from the sale of the Hornby '0' Gauge, I acquired a '00' Gauge, Triang 0-6-0 'Jinty', some goods wagons and an oval of track which, was mounted on a 6' x 4" board kept in the spare bedroom.   I still have the 'Jinty' although it has been detailed and repainted several times.   It is now retired from active duty, but it still runs, if a little noisily.   Over the years the colllection was gradually added to, and various layouts were constructed in the garage, spare bedroom or shed of our various homes.

My first 'true'exhibition layout called, 'Horton Parva' was constucted in the early 1970's, when I joined my local model railway club, and exhibited many times in and around the home counties.   Several other small exhibition layouts based on L.M.S. practice followed, including, 'Oakbridge' and 'Abney', before I built 'Dagnall' (Mark 1.)    A mark 4 version is currently on the exhibition circuit!   A new minimum space layout, 'WYKE' has its debut on the exhibition circuit in February 2010.

I am always pleased to hear from fellow modellers, particularly those interested in the London Midland & Scottish Railway, during the period 1935 -1948 and early British Railways up to 1955.

I am also happy to answer questions concerning 'DAGNALL', its construction and operation.

So if you see me at an exhibition please do make yourself known.

Thank you for visiting my web site.

John A. Page

New Exhibition Dates Added:
5th November 2010

I am always pleased to receive invitations to model railway exhibitions so if you are an exhibition organiser and would like to invite Dagnall to your next show, please contact me.


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