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Group News & Information?

We are always pleased to consider invitations from exhibition managers to bring one of our layouts to their show.   We would even consider rquests at short notice if another layout has dropped out for some reason.
We have several small (ish) 4mm scale layouts, easily transported in an estate or hatchback vehicle, so no expensive van hire charges are incurred.   Our only expenses would be fuel costs and a possible overnight stay if the venue location is oustide reasonable commuting distance from the Leighton Buzzard area.
Our layouts are: 'Dagnall' an 8' x 2' - Hidden fiddle yard to small branch line terminus.   'Wyke' a 9' x 2' - fiddle yard - small through branch line station - fiddle yard, and 'Fulton Regis' an 8' x 2' - hidden fiddle yard to branch line terminus.
If you would like to invite us to your show please use the link below to contact us:

Click here to e-mail The Hon Exhibition Manager.

Forthcoming exhibitions:
Updated 10th. March 2013.

We have been invited and have provisionally accepted invitations to attend the following exhibitions in 2013/2014

Saturday - 17th August 2013 - Model Railway Exhibition - Silver Fox DCC M.R.S. - Webber Independant School, Soskin Drive, Stantonbury Fields, Milton Keynes, Bucks. MK14 6TD - with 'WYKE' .

Saturday - 30th November 2013 - Model Railway Exhibition -Letchworth M.R.S. - Etonbury Academy, Stotfold Road, Arlesey, Beds. SG15 6XS with 'WYKE'.  (Subject to final confirmation.)

Sunday - 4th May 2013 & Monday 5th May 2014 - Model Railway Exhibition - Quainton Railway Society,  Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, Quainton Road Station, Quainton, Bucks. HP22 4BY - with 'WYKE'

In addition we have also been provisionally invited to attend several other exhibitions in 2013 & 2014, with one of our layouts and demonstration stand, for which we are currently awaiting  confirmation.  We look forward to seeing you at one of these venues.  Please do make yourself known to one of the operators

Exhibition Organisers who would like more information about 'Dagnall' or 'Wyke' or to see some photos of the layout will find it by clicking on the links below:

(DAGNALL is now for sale. See elswhere for more information.)

Full details and photos of 'Fulton Regis' and our latest project -'Kyme' will be added shortly. 

More photos and information will be added shortly.


We have recently been asked to value, in the strictest confidence, several Model Railway Layouts and collections for both Insurance and Probate purposes.
We understand how difficult it can sometimes be to establish the true value of a layout or collection and would be happy to offer our services in this respect to anyone who may require them.
In addition for anyone wishing to dispose of a complete collection, we are able to make referrals to bona fide collectors, not dealers, who may be interested in purchasing it.
Please use the link elsewhere on this site to contact us if we can be of assistance.


You will also find us on
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Three Counties Model Railway Society, (Formerly Mentmore Model Railway Group) is based near Aston Abbotts, approximately mid way between Aylesbury in Buckinghasmshire and Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, and was founded in early 1998 by two local, Leighton Buzzard, residents and London commuters  Peter Boyde and Chris Meredith, who discovered their mutual interest in model railways whilst waiting for their early morning train.

Initially they pooled their knowledge and time, with work on an 'ad hoc' basis concentrated on Peter's small permanent layout housed in a purpose built garden shed.   When this project had almost been completed work started building Chris's layout in his loft.

Early in 2002, the two founder members were joined by a third, Austin Marshall, following which, a decision was taken to hold meetings on a more formal basis.   Work continued apace on Chris's loft layout but it soon became clear that a loft was not the ideal place to hold meetings due to the marked and rapid variations in temperature.   In addition more space was urgently needed in which to work on other projects, so another new member,Ron Harvey,  offered the group the use of his double garage.

With an area available of approximately 55' x 10', the Group was able to start planning and construction of its first continuous run layout.   This was in 00 (4mm Scale) and based on L.M.S. & early B.R. practices although other region's locos did feature regularly.   All the trackwork had been completed and work continued on the buildings and scenery although there is still much to do before the layout is complete, if one ever is?

A further member, John Page joined the Group in November 2006 and was able to continue working on his latest exhibition layout.   At the same time it was also unanimously decided, to increase the number of members, if possible, by raising the profile of the Group and holding meetings on a weekly, rather than a fortnightly basis, as had previously been the case.

The group contiued to meet on a weekly basis until 2009 when the garage it was using was required for Ron'a classic MG 'TD' and it was reduced to meeting in other members homes until, aternative accommodation could be found.

Fortunately in early 2010 Bill Hallam came to the rescue, becoming a member and offering the society the use of a purpose built, 50ft x 20ft, workshop as a clubroom. Following which the society was able to expand rapidly to the size it is today.

A review of our progress.

Work on restoring and renovating our Fine Scale '0' Gauge (7mm Scale) double track, continuous run layout, 'Stanton Road'  is progressing well.  The layout is now fully operational with attention turning to the construction of an 'outer' branch line with an intermediate station, goods facilities and passing loop.   The baseboards for the the 'inner' branch terminus, 'Stanton Road' have also been completed and are now being wired up. 
Work on the construction of our small '00' Gauge (4mm Scale) exhibition layout - 'Fulton Regis'  has unfortunately slowed a little but it is anticipated the layout should still be available for exhibitions by early 2014.
With the influx of new members we hope the club's 'N' Gauge layout will also soon be returned to fully operational condition.

New Exhibition Layouts
under construction.
Due to the disposal of our original permanent layout 'SWANBOURNE', a unanimous decision was taken by the remaining members to construct a small limited space exhibition layout in order to maintain interest.
Following the donation of suitable baseboard material, we now have a new 4mm scale layout under construction which is hoped will be available for exhibitions by mid 2014.   Full details, and photographs of this projects will be posted here shortly.   

Demonstration Stand

In early 2008, whilst exhibiting at a local Model Railway Club's Exhibition several members of the public enquired where they could obtain the trees and shrubs used on the layout.  
They seemed genuinely surprised to learn that with a few minor exceptions all the trees had been made using materials that were available totally free of charge and with only a small amount of effort.
As a result we have now set up a demonstration stand, which is available for exhibitions.   Our new website has been uploaded but please be aware that it is still very much under construction.   To visit the site please use the link below or the one on our Links page.

Click here to visit our Demonstration Stand web site.

In order to make room for new projects we have reluctantly decided to offer our 8ft x 2ft -  4mm exhibition layout 'DAGNALL' for sale.  If you would be interested in making an offer please contact the Hon. Secretary for more information using the link on the links page.


A small but very friendly club.