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Looking for information on your specialist suppliers, local model shop, model railway club or nearest exhibition?   Then this highly recommended web site is not to be missed:-

Click here to visit The U.K. Model Shop Directory.

If you want to know more about 'British Railways' signalling in general then this web site by John Hinson is a must.   To describe it as a "mine of information" is an understatement.

Click here to visit 'The Signal Box'.

A new group for anyone with an interest in British Tramways, from Preserved operational Systems such as Crich Tramway Museum, Seaton Tramway or revenue earning services at Blackpool, Croydon or Sheffield.   Tramway Modellers are also very welcome too. 

Click here to join British-Tramways group.

If you would like to know how we made the hundreds of trees and shrubs needed for our club layout, or would like further information on, or would like to invite our Demonstration Stand to your forthcoming show, please visit our new web site using the link below.

Click here to visit Model-Railway Scenery.

The Bedfordshire Area Group of The Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers meet monthly in Leighton Buzzard and, if you are interested in larger scale models or live steam, are well worth a visit.

Click Here to visit The Bedfordshire Area Group of The Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers.

We were recently introduced to 'Grumpy Modellers', a discussion group for model railway enthusiasts.   Having joined the group and taken an active part in discussions there, we can say, without fear of contradiction, that it is one of the best around.
Why not see for yourself and join today?   It's completely free. 

Click here to visit 'Grumpy Modellers'.

A site we discovered recently is Model Railroad Scenery which as its name implies is concerned with the scenic side of railway modelling.  
Although it's American, and consequently is heavily influenced by the 'American ' scene, many of the ideas are equally valid for the U.K and Europe.   
It's certainly well worth visiting and checking regularly.

Click here to visit Model R.R. Scenery.

A highly recommended e-mail group, now sponsored by the Mentmore Model Railway Group and dedicated to Model Railways.   Certainly worth joining.

Click here to join

Another highly recommended e-mail group now sponsored by the Mentmore M.R.G., catering for 'British Railways' enthusiasts.   Like their other e-mail group, it is well worth joining.

Click here to join

If you are interested in any of the Military Railways in the U.K. or run by the Military abroad then you may find our new group to your liking.

Click here to join

Anyone with an interest in Steam Rollers, Traction or Showman's Engines, Steam Wagons, Steam Powered Boats or Staionary Steam Engines will find a warm welcome at this group.

Click here to join

Visitors will no douubt have heard of 'Wikipaedia'?  
Well here is a site specifically for Railway Modellers that you can edit yourself and its called:   ModelWikiRail   It's new and well worth a look, so please give it your support.

Click here to visit ModelWikiRail.

Simply Tains is a web site we recently discovered and, in our opinion well worth a visit.   It's an absolute mine of information with modelling advice, exhibition guide and layout descriptions, which are constantly being added to.

Click here to visit Simply Trains.

If your layout needs name boards, running in boards or other general station signage, you will not find any better than those supplied by 'Station Signs'.
Their service is second to none, the prices very reasonable and we highly recommend them.

Click here to visit 'Station Signs'.

A small but very friendly club.